You Have A Great Church When People Are Filled With The Holy Ghost – Pastor Chris

Credit: IPPC Daily

Dwelling on the importance of the Holy Spirit in us, Pastor Chris stated that we should be conscious of the One that lives in us, the Holy Spirit. He submitted that we should be filled with the Spirit and that we can’t be filled with the Holy Spirit without being consciousness of it. He then asked the Pastors and Ministers that were aptly listening to him to imagine how the church will be if we are filled always with the Holy Spirit.

Everything always works when you’re full of the Holy Ghost. When you are filled with the Holy Spirit, the wall will fall for you when you push it. If it doesn’t, then, close your eyes, speak in tongues, refuse to recognize the wall, match towards it come through on the other side.

At this point, not even a single delegate was on their seats.
In continuation of this morning message, our Man of God, Pastor Chris, informed the delegates that some spiritual gifts make a Christian strong, strengthened and establish. These spiritual endowments and abilities come from grace. When people receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour in our churches, they should receive the Holy Spirit also. Who will teach them or help outside of the church when they have challenges? He admonish Pastors to ensure that members of the church receive the Holy Ghost.

Pastor Chris, in ending the message declared that “you have a great church when people are filled with the Holy Ghost. Set the pace in your churches in giving, in praying, etc.. Do not limit yourself with your own mind. Demonstrate your faith. Follow the faith of those who through faith, do awesome things. Set your goals for 2018. You can’t meet your targets when you don’t have any.

Start making changes. There’s a life in the seed that matters. Keep sowing. Let your small and big seeds matter to you. Plant your ten thousands that will yield the millions for you to sow. Be consistent. We are on a path that’s unstoppable. The word is in us. We go everywhere with the glory of God. Use the word and produce result. We read the bible to do it. By faith Abraham sacrificed Isaac, God intervened because He knew that Abraham was going to do it… the little boy with the two fishes and five loaves didn’t cry after his lunch, he was there Saw all the miracles Jesus performed.


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